About Us

Taskgofer is the leading Task marketplace in the Philippines where anyone can hire a freelancer for a specific tasks online. We aim to be a part of the growing task economy and democratizing our labor market.

Traditional methods of hiring a service require tedious searching for the right person to do the task and haggling for the rate of work. Added to that the failing commitment between the person hiring for work and the freelancer hired in performing their agreed terms. It’s not common to hear underperforming freelancers or either contractor bargaining for the lowest price for a difficult job. With that in mind, Taskgofer revolutionizes the way how people outsource their tasks. We are providing a clever and innovative solution to the problems that almost every household, business and freelancer faces on a daily basis.

Taskgofer allows you to find the right person for a task you want to accomplish by providing you with multiple options to chose from. You are guaranteed that the task will be delivered base on the agreed contract. Freelancer will bid to your task thereby widening your manpower source.

Taskgofer also provides a steady stream of income for freelancers ether individuals and businesses who are willing to provide proper service to our customers, remotely or locally.

The freedom for either outsourcing for a task or finding the job that you love the most is our prime service here on taskgofer.