Frequently Asked Questions

What is Taskgofer?

Taskgofer is an online platform where anyone can hire a freelancer for a specific task. A contractor, a term we use for customers can post a specific task or job and freelancers will bid for it.

What are the tasks that I can post?

You can post any legal, valid and achievable task with a specified description. Ex. I need a cleaner for my house. or I need a quick fix on my broken website.

How does it works?

We design the Taskgofer to have be smooth and user friendly. Heres the process:

1. Start by posting the task you want to get done. Post any task from house cleaning to almost anything with our service categories for free. Be specific with the things you want to accomplish.

2. Freelancers will bid to work for the task you posted. Select the best freelancer through their credentials, reviews, and details. Send your payment on our Escrow system. You and the freelancer will be in total contact and cooperation under a secure workspace inside our site. Exchange files and messages.

3. Freelancer will do the agreed task as per contract after which you will let us release the payment to the freelancer. You will drop a review for work done and he will do the same so be nice to each other.

Why do I need to deposit the task payment on the escrow system?

Depositing your payment on the escrow system of Taskgofer guarantees that the freelancer/service providers will be paid accordingly after the delivery of the task. On your part as a customer, it serves also security in case the freelancer/service provider fails to deliver the service.

How to earn as Freelancer/Service Provider?

You can earn a living by bidding for the submitted task here on Taskgofer.Bidding is free and you dont need to pay any amount from our site. There’s no limit on task that you can do. As long as you can deliver the task, you’re good to go.

What are the qualifications of freelancers/service providers?

In order to become a freelancer or service provider, you need to be of legal age, able to deliver a certain task of your desired field and you need to be passionate about it. The more qualifications you have the better. Government-issued IDs and clearances are mandatory once requested.

I have a regular job, can I still register as a freelancer/service provider for Taskgofer?

Yes, you can, provided that you can deliver the task as per agreed contract.

What is a contract in Taskgofer?

A contract is an agreement between contractor/customer and freelancer/service provider. The content of the contract is expressed within the description of the Task, once you agreed with that and proceed with the task, you are bound to fulfill you obligation-For contractor, you need to pay for the service. For service provider, you need to do or deliver the describe task.

I don’t have a PayPal for paying or receiving the payment, what options do you have?

We progress, we will add more payment gateway for your convenience. You can use wire transfer and direct bank deposit alternatives.

Can I directly hire a freelancer for a task?

Yes you can by accessing the Hire a Freelancer button and filling up the request form. Once the freelancer accepted the task, you deposit the payment, work start, work done, payment release.

Who will shoulder the material cost for the task?

In a manual task, the customer shall bear the material cost. The service provider shall bear all transportation costs as well as basic equipment. This arrangement may be nullified if a prior agreement was made. For the digital task, a prior arrangement must be settle on who will bear the cost of particular requirements(ex. web hosting, codes, etc)